Technology Management Solutions

Internet Server Management, Custom Software, Business Systems.
Technology Concierge and Consulting Services.

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Technology Concierge Services

Full service technology support covering any technology subjects. 

From researching and implementing solutions to repairing and maintaining practically any electo-mechanical systems.

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אירוח VPS מנוהל

כל היתרונות שיש שרת משלך

מגובה על ידי שירותי ניהול וייעוץ מותאמים אישית

  • Create your own private cloud

  • Host your entire small business IT infrastructure - from  website, email, e-commerce, storefront, POS, to HR, accounting, inventory, record-keeping , and more.

  • Have your own VPN,  web analytics, or any other services.

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Odoo Managed Hosting

Odoo is a complete business management platform used by some of the largest companies in the world. Yet it is user-friendly enough for even the smallest business. From website, blog, ecommerce, and online marketing to Point of Sale, HR, Inventory and Accounting. Practically every facet of any type of business can be managed all from one modular system.

Let us handle the hard part. The installation, configuration, and upkeep.

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