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Want the benefits and flexibility of your own VPS, but lack the technical expertise to manage a server? 

There is no shortage of web hosting options. But what if you want to run your own private VPN, host a gaming server, be able to stream your own music collection to any of your devices, store your files on your own private nextcloud, or run some web solution that is not available with normal web hosting?  What if you need a server with high speeds and performance such as that necessary for  Forex and stock trading? Then a VPS is required. This jump in performance and flexibility usually comes at a cost of convenience.

The basic VPS service, such as that provided by Linode, offers a bare server install (most commonly a Linux distribution) running the minimal network components with ssh access. Often there's options for preinstalling common packages like an apache or nginx web server, mysql/mariadb or postgresql database, and PHP/Perl/Python, etc. But ultimately you're on your own to install and configure server software and deal with all the server security issues. If you know how to configure a firewall and setup network services from a command line in Linux and just need a good VPS, my recommendation is for Linode.

Once a VPS is activated it is directly connected to the internet and accessible to anyone 24/7 and it will be constantly probed and attacked. At the hands of someone inexperienced at administering a Linux server, it will be compromised and taken over rather quickly (Windows is arguably much worse). To use myself as an example... Quite a few years ago I was in the process of setting up a server and made the mistake of being lax with security, got distracted and within hours the server was irreparably compromised by the time I got back to it (even then I knew better than to leave it connected and running as it was). All I lost was my time in having to start over from scratch installing and configuring services since it wasn't being used for anything yet. For an inexperienced server admin, such an incident can potentially cost alot more than just their lost time.    

If you're ready to have your own server and just need help with the administration fill out the contact form and I'll help you out.