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Servers and stuff

Since 1992



Slackware, Debian, or any other flavor

Network/System Admin


Dev and More...

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Or contract services...
Managed Server Hosting,
Systems Admin/Engineering,
Cybersecurity, etc.


Web/Internet Hosting

  • Hosting Services
  • VPS Setup/Config/Mgmt
  • DNS Registration/Mgmt
  • Email Server Admin
  • Content Management
  • Security Analysis



  • Granular privacy controls
  • Retain ownership of your data
  • Built-in censorship resistance
  • Nomadic Identity
  • Connect with any Fediverse platform
  • Customizable do-anything system


  • Support Decentralization / Fediverse
  • Oppose #bigtech monolithic platforms
  • Provide for public server resources
  • Improve availability of Homeschooling resources
  • Help a full-time custodial single father ;)
  • Need more reasons/details?

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Usually anchored somewhere around Florida, the Caribbean, or Latin America. Onsite availability may be limited.

Over 30 years of experience doing stuff with computers, buildings, and other things.

What others have said

The following are direct quotes from real people.

" dSpot is an innovative start-up that provides ad supported Free WiFi Hotspots into towns, cities and communities in partnership with the Independent Yellow Page publishers. It's an intricate arrangement of firmware, software and communication pathways that Tom has been instrumental in developing to an extremely high standard over the last 2 years. Our experience of software developers prior to meeting Tom was less than inspiring, however Tom helped to get the project back on track and worked within our budgets and always delivered on time. Bug fixes, changes of direction and altered requirements mid project did not phase him and we regard him as part of the team despite his contractor status. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to anyone who needs an experienced software developer who can think on his feet, deliver quality Solutions on time and work within your budgets "

Steve Congrave, C.E.0, dSpot Inc.

" Tom did a superb job answering the numerous questions I had regarding the Windows environment. His explanations and demonstration of the operation of the scanner was superior as well. In addition, he set up my E-mail account and provided valuable information on this as well as on the workings of the Internet, He was proficient in his instruction and was always willing to assist with any question that I had"

Mary Mills, Milford High School

" Thank you for setting up the computers in the Middle School Conference Room last week. You had everything set up and in working order for Monday and it all worked perfectly throughout the week. I appreciate your checking back during the week to see if everything was still working well. Thanks for helping us with the printer too. This week was our first large scale venture in combining curriculum and technology: Thanks to you, everything worked out well"

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