Just hubzilla vs some other cms/template here is still TBD.

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As a tech with well over a dozen online accounts, not to mention the ones on my devices, servers, etc., I've grown weary of creating new accounts everywhere. I think the nomadic identity and zot protocol in Hubzilla is a great solution to this create a new login for every monolithic online service problem. IMHO, this is the future of the decentralized web and the answer to #bigtech oligopolies.
- Granular privacy controls
- You retain ownership of your data
- Built-in censorship resistance
More detailed articles will be up at some point. Til then check out the documentation here.

Hubzilla is a do-anything system. For many years I have been a big fan of Odoo (OpenERP) as a CMS, ERP, ecommerce, blog, and more system. Hubzilla can do all that too, but evolving from friendica it's a bit more social media focused. However, being such a customizable system with a primarily techie userbase, it's "user-friendliness" is closer to OpenERP before it became Odoo. That is to say, more generic and overwhelming than "ooooh shiny". This is relatively easy to fix. It just takes time and money, like most anything. And users for input/feedback. I would like to open a hub to public registration and work on feature/interface dev, but without funding that can't happen. If you'd like to help with dev/ux testing/etc., send an email. Of course,donations are always welcome.

A flat copy of the old Odoo site [formerly a Docker Swarm setup hosted on Linode VPS servers. They were recently bought by akamai. Shame cuz I first started using them when they were in a single data center.] can be found here [NOTE: it was a multi-language site which HTTrack kinda made a mess of, drop-down navigation menus aren't working, etc.] A new migration of the content to Hubzilla will be available once I get around to it. [Currently I'm too busy being a fulltime single father, trying to get income back to exceeding food consumption and a list of neverending boat projects (hurricane Ian repairs and building a mast being top of that list currently)]

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